Mental health matters to us. Our treatment centres provide the platforms and create the environments that support professionals to equip and empower you to thrive.

Our Purpose

We offer treatment and support for people struggling with mental health and addiction challenges.

We exist to make it possible for psychiatrists, psychologists and other clinicians to combine their efforts efficiently and effectively, and in doing so achieve consistently good outcomes for patients brought into our system.

To us, our purpose is like a jigsaw puzzle with 4 pieces that must fit together effortlessly on a supporting platform.

The four pieces are the actions of :

  • the psychiatrists,
  • psychologists,
  • nursing team and
  • therapy team.

Our goal is to offer people a treatment program and environment that supports and builds on their mental wellness. We aim to cater to the specific and unique needs of the population that we serve and therefore have the concept of wellness at our core.

We build our approach on four Aspirational Values:

  • “A safe environment at all times for our clients, their families and our employees.
  • Client centeredness, compassion and kindliness in all we do for the people in our care.
  • A commitment to team and acting in ways that strengthens teamwork.
  • A dedication to continuous improvement towards excellence.”

What matters most for us?

For people to have the opportunity to thrive instead of just survive day by day. This entails equipping them to manage their challenges and take responsibility for them; together with their support system. This will enable people to take back control.

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At Mondia health we believe that working in teams provide the best outcomes.

We provide a system of care that specialise in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders. This includes in-patient and out-patient programs.

The group of people that will be involved in, and responsible for your well-being are:

  • Your Psychiatrist or General Practitioner where relevant for Substance Abuse disorders
  • Your Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Social worker
  • Nursing staff
  • Counselors
  • YOU

Each one plays a vital role in the journey to wellness.

We also focus on preventative services, addressing problems in the workplace and building skills with employees to increase productivity.(refer to our “Corporate Care” section for more information on this)


To achieve the value-add for our clients, our approach is based on 3 primary principles:

Wellness Approach

Wellness is about being able to live a life where a person wants to take responsibility and where they have control over the choices they make. Wellness will give a person the opportunity to not merely survive every day but to thrive despite their circumstances.

Experiential Learning

This entails learning by doing, which forms the basis for the experiential learning theory. Experiential learning focuses on the idea that the best way to learn things is by actually having experiences. Those experiences then create lasting impressions in people’s minds and help them retain information and remember facts. The experiential theory takes a more holistic approach and emphasizes how experiences can influence the learning process.

Client-Centered Approach

To support and enhance the Wellness approach, we have a client-centred focus that ensures that our clients are at the centre of decisions which relate to their life and we collaborate with them to effect change and decrease the chances of relapse.

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